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Where Can I Buy Cover Fx Foundation

Cover FX describes the Natural Finish Foundation as a water-based foundation that delivers 12-hour coverage and a natural, second-skin finish. The formula is said to be hydrating and contain powerful antioxidants.

where can i buy cover fx foundation


As you blend it in, you can really feel the rich consistency of the foundation. It maintains a denseness that really seems to hydrate the skin. Because it is on the thicker side, it takes a bit more effort to blend in than a super liquidy foundation would, but it does meld nicely with the skin once blended.

True to its name, the Natural Finish Foundation leaves the skin with a very natural luminosity. The finish is not so glossy to the point where I would call it dewy or shiny. Rather it imparts a subtle glow that keeps the skin looking fresh and healthy.

As mentioned above I found the finish of the Natural Finish Foundation really similar to that of the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Foundation. That product, however, breaks down to a thinner consistency than the Cover FX, and offers less coverage.

The thing that really strikes me as very close to the Natural Finish Foundation is the Flower Beauty Light Illusion Foundation. It has a very similar consistency and also provides a nice amount of moisture to the skin. The finish is very reminiscent of the Cover FX Natural Finish and the coverage level is close, perhaps slightly less. Light Illusion does contain SPF15 which Natural Finish does not, but overall, both foundations function very similarly.

All of their foundations are available in 40 skin tones and three undertones. This stands out for many reasons. I see so many foundation brands, even ones sold at Sephora, that are available in limited shades.

Their products also have amazing coverage. I would work on clients with cystic acne, serious redness, the whole nine yards. Cover FX products covered everything and the coverage was always flawless. In general, their line is so unique thanks to the skincare benefits they offer.

This is a cult favorite and for a good reason. This foundation is virtually sweat-proof, waterproof, and transfer-proof. Though it has a matte finish, it feels totally weightless on your skin. Made with fermented algae extract, this foundation protects your skin against environmental stressors.

I honestly recommended Cover FX primer as much as I recommended the foundation. They have multiple primer formulations that offer so many benefits. At the basic, try the Blurring Primer to reduce the look of imperfections. Your foundation will also last longer and will look better.

Remember how I said Cover FX is totally customizable? This product is one of the reasons why! The Custom Cover Drops consist of pure pigments to add a tint and adjust the shade of your foundation. You can also mix this product into your moisturizer or primer to create your own foundation!

Fun Fact: The brand's name references the company's formulaic beginnings. "The idea was coverage, and F stands for foundation, and X stands for unknown," Casale explains. "Like in mathematics, X can be anything."

Price/Quantity: $44 for 0.5 oz. Usually foundations come in 1 oz bottles so this is very expensive considering the amount you get. However, you need very little product which evens things out a bit.

Application: This product is a newer concept in base makeup where you can mix it with other products to create your ideal coverage and texture. According to Cover FX, 1 drop is light coverage, 2 drops is medium coverage, and 3 drops is full coverage. So far, my experience is that this really depends on what you are mixing it into and how diluted it ultimately becomes. Sometimes, even 1 drop mixed into a foundation is going to result in full coverage or 3 drops mixed into a beauty oil or could end up giving you medium coverage.

A helper ingredient that is used as a bulking and viscosity controlling agent. It is also an emulsion stabilizer in water-in-oil emulsions, where water droplets are dispersed in the continuous oil phase and not the other way round.

The trio is invaluable for "skin-colored" makeup products (think your foundation and pressed powder) as blending these three shades carefully can produce almost any shade of natural-looking flesh tones.

The launch strategy for the products will focus on social media, physical sampling and computer-generated image videos. Cover FX is producing 10 videos for the brush and moisturizer, including five using CGI. Videos span tutorials on how customers can experiment and customize makeup looks using the tinted moisturizer and application brush, the latter of which features three small wells to deposit primer, foundation and highlighter. There are also ingredient story videos on adaptogens and the pre- and probiotics. Videos are displayed across and product pages, and have been repurposed on Instagram.

This hard-working pressed matte foundation is a talc-free powder with oil-absorbing kaolin clay and high pigmentation that effortlessly covers imperfections and provides long-wearing, sheer to full buildable coverage without fear of a cakey or dry complexion.

For sheer to medium coverage apply with a Powder Brush, if you prefer medium to full coverage, use the sponge included in this handy compact. For the fullest coverage, wet the sponge and apply to your skin.

My name is Christine and I love trying out all things in the world of cruelty free beauty. Just call me your Makeup Guinea Pig! This blog is where I report my findings...with the occasional unrelated topic. I have accepted that I am a crazy cat lady - hard to deny when you have 5 cats! I keep things balanced with 1 lonely and confused dog. His name is Barclay and he is a West Highland White Terrier. We all live together in a cloud of pet hair that follows me wherever I go!

Cover FX P60 is described by the brand as "For medium-deep skin with pink undertones." It is a shade in the Power Play Foundation range, which is a liquid foundation with a matte finish and full coverage that retails for $44.00 and contains 1.18 oz.

Cover FX Power Play foundation is a modern matte foundation. It gives you a full coverage look with a weightless feel and it provides sweatproof all-day wear, powerful shine control, and environmental protection. Cover FX Shade System is based on undertone for a truly perfect match.

The best part about this foundation is that it comes in 40 shades with varying undertones (cool, neutral, and warm), so you can find the best shade for your complexion. But even with so many options, celebrity makeup artist Katey Denno says that if you have more than one undertone, mixing shades might be your best bet.

Created in 2000 by President and Co-Creator Lee Graff and Vice President and Co-Creator Jenny Frankel in collaboration with Dr. Neil H. Shear, Cover FX has developed a complete line of foundations, primers, concealers, moisturizers and cleansers formulated for any skin type.Today, it is available throughout Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom in over 1200 retail locations, on direct response TV and from the Cover FX website at

Feeling a bit flaky these days? No, we don't mean forgetting plans or running late to meetings. We're talking about your skin. Having dry skin can make achieving that flawless finish nearly impossible. If your makeup can't stand the test of time or feels like it's chipping off throughout the day, you might need to rethink your foundation needs. Gels, creams, and liquid foundations can work wonders for dry skin, no matter the season. Scroll down for our top foundation picks that will let you keep your glow all year long.

This product is like BB and CC creams put together to keep your skin looking gorgeous while also delivering the coverage of a lightweight foundation. It even claims to increase your skin's hydration by 215 percent after just one week.

Formulated with emollients, optical pearl pigments, and anti-aging peptides, this cream smooths and covers. And if you're looking for more coverage, you can easily build up the color without feeling weighed down.

A healthy and shine-free finish is achievable in 40 shades with this foundation selection. It contains vitamin C and vitamin E to help protect against free radicals, so your skin stays nourished even after you take it off.

Before you step into Sephora, consider stopping by this beauty sale selling high-end primping loot for far less than retail prices. On the lineup are foundation and highlighter guru Cover FX, top-notch makeup brush brand Artis Brush, magic-potion skin care cure Dr. Jart+ and iconic styler Ghd.

Yes, this is amazing. I love it. You can totally get away with just this and some concealer rather than a tinted moisturizing or foundation. Also, the Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer in Dim Light is another perfect tinted moisturizer replacement. However, I think the Becca will remain my go to!

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