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Places That Buy Used Phones ((EXCLUSIVE))

There are plenty of companies where you can sell electronics -- places that'll happily buy old fitness trackers, smartwatches, gaming consoles, laptops, digital cameras and other electronic equipment. In exchange, they'll send you cold hard cash, often in the form of a gift card or PayPal transfer. (Not too shabby for that MacBook gathering dust in your closet.) You can even sell your old electronics without having to visit a physical location such as a pawn shop, now that used electronics website options are becoming more popular. And you won't have to worry about paying for shipping or shouldering the cost of a fee, which is somewhat commonplace with services that sell electronics and old equipment.

places that buy used phones

The prices offered with trade-in programs on an old device are usually a little lower than what you could sell electronics for, but the reduced price is worth forgoing the headache of trying to sell on your own. Some places will even take broken items, but keep in mind that broken tech will sell at a much lower cost than a gadget that is still in good working order.

BuyBackWorld will buy a wide range of products including phones, tablets, iPods, cameras, game consoles, computers, headphones, drones and, well, you get the point. You can even get a custom quote for products that aren't listed on the site.

People frequently ask us what happens to their device when they sell a smartphone or tablet through the SellCell platform. The companies featured on SellCell specialize in the buying, selling and recycling of used cell phones, tablets and other mobile devices. There is a big and growing demand globally for used cell phones. The latest handsets continue to get better and better but so does the cost with the prices for new phones increasing all the time. There are a lot of consumers and businesses that prefer to buy refurbished, pre-owned phones for a better deal. The cell phone buyback companies on our site specialize in buying used phones that people no longer want (such as when they upgrade) and they then generally refurbish the devices and sell them on again to customers looking for quality, pre-owned phones. When you trade in your old phone on SellCell the majority of devices will be re-sold to other customers domestically in America but they also get re-sold internationally to other countries all around the world

It's great getting lots of cash for your old phone but in addition to that when you recycle your old cell phone you are helping the environment. E-Waste can be a big problem if electronic goods are not disposed of properly because the materials inside them can be damaging to the environment. When you recycle an old cell phone or other electronic device through SellCell you can be assured it will be processed in an environmentally friendly way. The cell phone buyer you sell it to will either re-sell it on to someone looking for a used phone or if it has no value they will dismantle it and dispose of all the components in an environmentally friendly method. Either way you can rest assured that it will not end up in landfill. In fact, since SellCell was started it has helped millions of phones and electronic devices get recycled in an environmentally friendly way

Yes. Both consumers and businesses go on to SellCell to sell used phones. If you are a business looking to sell larger batches of phones or other used electronics then one of our account managers will be able to help. Go to our Business page for more details on how to sell used business phones

One of the most important things to remember when you sell broken cell phones for cash is to provide accurate details about their condition. This includes telling the recycling program that the phone is broken.

Got a broken phone that has become unusable? Do you know there is a problem before you even inspect or assess it? Are you wondering how to sell broken phones or sell cracked phones for money? Do you want to know where to sell broken phones for cash?

Lucky for you, most of the trusted buyers on our site will still accept smartphones that have taken a dip in some liquid. Simply find your device using our search function. When you are on our price comparison page, select 'Faulty' from the conditions to see companies that buy water damaged phones.

As you can see above, there are places to sell broken phones but offer less money. That said, there are some situations where it is not worth selling the phone or where the recycler will not accept it. This includes:

Over the last few years, the cost of smartphones has skyrocketed. As a result, it's no longer uncommon to see phones being sold for $1,000 or more, making the decision to buy a new handset quite the investment. Thanks to the ever-growing used smartphone market, though, it's rather easy to take the sting out of those increasing prices.

You can probably get the best deal by buying directly from someone else because no intermediary is taking a fee, but you also risk the phone having issues that the naked eye can't see. If you know exactly what you want and know what to look for, you're probably going to be comfortable buying a used phone from a direct marketplace like Craigslist, Swappa, eBay, or one of many buy/sell forums.

Finally, buying a certified refurbished phone is your safest bet but comes with the least discount over a new product. Carriers, retailers, and third parties all refurbish and sell used devices with varying levels of discount and inventory options. Yes, these phones are used, but they've gone through a (varying) set of checks to verify their condition and details before being cleaned up and passed on to you. There's a peace of mind associated with buying refurbished, but there's also a cost associated. If you're interested in going this route, there are plenty of options when looking for the best places to buy a refurbished phone.

Given the current pandemic, buying a phone that's been used by someone else might be something you're thinking twice about. It's normal to have some apprehension about used phones right now, seeing how germs and viruses can stick on devices if not properly cleaned/sanitized.

While that concern is perfectly valid, we want to reassure you that the possibility of contracting a virus from a used phone is pretty minimal. That said, there are some precautions we recommend taking if you want to minimize any chances of that potentially happening.

This is not an exhaustive list. There are innumerable places to buy a used phone on the internet. Also, depending on your country, this list may not be applicable (though we tried to highlight international marketplaces as much as possible).

Gazelle is one of the oldest players in the used smartphone game. While its business model recently changed to stop allowing anyone to trade in used phones online, it is still selling used devices through its own online storefront.

UpTrade is another good choice if you want to keep the process of buying or selling a used phone as simple as it can be. If you're a buyer, just search the phone you're looking for, and UpTrade will show what it has in stock. Every listing includes hands-on pictures of the exact phone being sold, including the UpTrade employee that inspected it and any inspection notes they made. All phones sold on UpTrade are "UpTrade Certified," meaning they go through a 50+ point inspection check and are sanitized by UpTrade before being shipped to you.

Back Market sells used and refurbished phones because it believes in prolonging the useful life of older devices to reduce the growing global e-waste problem and provide more affordable options to more people. It's all part of the company's commitment to challenging people to rethink their technology consumption. In fact, it refers to the process of buying a refurbished or used device as "adopting" a new phone/laptop/etc.

Back Market's review system considers the appearance and "technical condition" of the devices it receives and issues grades as Fair, Good, or Excellent. Sellers on Back Market have to pass their Back Label certification program to assure their devices conform to Back Market's high standards, and the company takes user feedback very seriously. It offers buyers a 30-day money-back guarantee, a 12-month warranty, free shipping, and a variety of payment methods. You'll also see how many ounces of e-waste you have saved by buying it, which is a nice touch (note: for a used Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G, that's about 8 ounces).

Back Market has a wide selection of phones from Apple, Samsung, Google, Motorola, LG, and more. So if you're looking for a quality used device from a company with an admirable mission, Back Market may be just the place you need to look.

Are you looking to upgrade your mobile device? Here at Quik Fix, you can get that new gadget for a reasonable price! QuikFix Phone Repair in Tucson, AZ sells new and used cell phones that are in excellent condition. With both Apple and Android options, we are sure to have what you are looking for. Our certified team of experts maintain a 100% satisfaction rate because we make sure the phones are unlocked and are in great condition before sending them home with you. We proudly offer the best prices in Tucson and have a 60 day return policy.

Are you a fan of the Apple iPhone? 2nd life phones is a reputable used cell phone wholesaler that has a huge inventory of the most-demanded iPhones. Their experts certify products according to their quality and functioning. Also, the prices are quite reasonable for retailers to afford. It provides an effective refund policy and has got you covered in case you receive faulty phones. 2nd life phones peeeeee tons of options for customers to choose from.

Tradeloop is a safe online marketplace that buys, repairs, recycles, and resells used technology including cell phones. This website has no subscription fee and allows you to make an easy purchase of high-quality cell phones. It carries out a certification process to ensure the quality of its products. All sellers have to pass a 130-point test to analyze the quality of products. Tradeloop is considered the safest trading community in this cell phone industry. 041b061a72


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