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Buy Blueprints

It is not possible to buy blueprints from a clan you're not a member of. I'm assuming you are on a solo or otherwise small or inactive clan; it can get pretty hard at times, yes, I used to have my personal clan so I know how the grind can get.

buy blueprints


So the title pretty much says it all, time and time again I've looked at blueprints for things I want to make only to find it locked behind Mastery. I get that it's preventing you from using weapons out of your league, but shouldn't we at least be able to buy the blueprint?

Not like I have anything else to use those discounts on, I can't afford Plat, that's why the whole being unable to buy blueprints above your Mastery thing is annoying. I guess I just don't see why you need your Mastery to match a blueprint?? Not like I could even build it yet.

You can sometimes have several available blueprints for the same part. You don't need to buy all levels. Try to jump over every time you have the option. All levels are strictly better than the previous ones. They do not stack, they overwrite and improve the previous version. If you manage to buy the highest-level part (this is particularly easy at the start of the Moon), the previous ones will be retired (this way you save money, time and materials). You can also do this with blueprints from Gold chests: If you fulfill the conditions (mainly, depth reached), you may get a blueprint for an advanced part without buying the previous one.

Blueprints are instructions on how to manufacture items. There are ship blueprints, module blueprints, ammunition blueprints and many more. To manufacture an item, you will need a blueprint, and the materials listed in the blueprint. You can also copy blueprints - to make more blueprints - and research blueprints to make them more efficient.

It is an original blueprint, as indicated by the text at the top. Original blueprints have infinite runs - you can produce as many Rifters as you have materials for. Copies (BPC) have a lighter blue icon and a limited number of runs.

To make a gadget, first you might want to buy blueprints from the Builder's Shop if there are some available to buy unless you already own a bunch of them. After that, deposit materials into the Refinery, like plorts and slime science resources. Now check the Fabricator. Using it, you will be able to make gadgets, but you need to have the required amount of materials to make one. Try making the Novice Drill, since you already have a blueprint of it and it's not too expensive to make (10 Pink Plorts, 6 Rock Plorts and 3 Rad Plorts).

When using The Builder's Shop, you'll be able to buy the available blueprints for newbucks. You can also check through it to see the amount of gadgets that are currently in your possession (there are 45+ of them!). Build sites are places where you can place a gadget using the Gadget Mode. There are many of them across the entire Far, Far Range and they are only found in specific places. When there's already a gadget in its place, you can move it or remove it.

Using the Fabricator you can make your gadgets if you have enough materials and the required blueprints, and have not exceeded the build limit. You can also see a gadget's information and required materials.

Blueprints are used to unlock various technologies as opposed to learning them at a Research Bench. Many technologies, specifically different types of weapons and armour, cannot be researched normally and need to be learned through blueprints. The trade-off to the new system is that while research times for these technologies are instantaneous the blueprints need to be hunted down, as they are spread out across the world among the various factions.

Weapon blueprints can be found at Weapon Traders and will vary depending on what faction trader you are buying from. Once used the blueprint will unlock the ability to craft that type of weapon at whatever quality of weapon manufacturers you have already researched.

Armour and Clothing blueprints can be bought from Armour, Clothing and Hat Traders with each faction having certain blueprints. Like the other blueprints, once used, you'll be able to craft armor of varying quality, depending on your smith's armor smith skill.

There are several item blueprints found throughout Dying Light 2, with the schematics focusing on consumables that offer Aiden various buffs, accessories that can help him survive fierce battles and projectiles he can use with his ranged weapons. The blueprints are accessed through the crafting menu.

There are also several blueprints for Weapon Mods, the likes of which can be attached to Aiden's weapons to unlock unique attacks and inflict elemental damage. You can access these blueprints by selecting "modify" on a weapon with free modification slots in the inventory screen.

There is a myriad of furnishing blueprints in Genshin Impact, which players can use to craft items for their homes inside of the Serenitea Pot. Many of these blueprints can be purchased from Tubby the Teapot Spirit's Realm Depot, though that is not the only way to obtain them. Indeed, it is possible to buy some furnishing blueprints with Mora from a couple of vendors outside of the teapot realm, and this guide details their locations.

The first furniture blueprint vendor in Genshin Impact is named Goth, and he can be found near the windmills at the south end of the city of Mondstadt. At the time of writing, this NPC has four blueprints on offer, and each one of them costs 50,000 Mora.

Ludwig Goth, the namesake of the Goth Grand Hotel, is found during the day in the park to the south of the Knights of Favonius Headquarters. He sells a total of four blueprints, costing either 25000 or 50000 Mora each. These include:

The second furniture blueprint vendor is named Master Lu, and players should look for him on the south side of Qingce Village. As is the case with Goth, this NPC's offerings come in at 50,000 Mora each, though Master Lu has only three blueprints at the moment.

To note, while it is certainly possible that the blueprints sold by Goth and Master Lu will refresh over time, there is currently no indication that this will occur. As such, players should expect to buy most of their blueprints from Tubby with Realm Currency, and fans are thus advised to put some effort toward raising their Adeptal Energy Rank.

One final thing to mention is that a Teapot Traveling Salesman will visit players' realms every weekend, and they should have some additional blueprints for sale. Furthermore, it is suggested that this vendor will not offer the same items to everyone, and Genshin Impact fans will be able to travel to their friends' homes to buy things that are not available in their own realms.

Genshin Impact blueprints are essential to furnishing your Serenitea Pot and improving your Trust rank, so you'll want as many as you can get. There are a few key sources of blueprints, and some of them are tucked away in random corners of the world, so we've rounded up all the ways to unlock more Genshin Impact blueprints.

The Mondstadt blueprint vendor is an old man named Goth. You can find him in the city by a bench southeast of the city's western teleport point. He'll only appear during the daytime though, so you might need to manually change the time via the pause menu. Goth sells four blueprints: the Deadwood Road Sign, Lightning Protective Tent, Simple Single-Person Tent, and Adventurer Camp.

You can buy three more Genshin Impact blueprints from another old man found in Liyue. Master Lu, who you can find in the southern tip of Qingce Village (see the image above), sells three blueprints: The Adventurer's Burdens, Lone and Cautious Adventurer, and Dialogue Twixt Ancient Tree and Rock.

Tubby the Serenitea Pot overseer will give you a few blueprints when you increase your Trust rank, which you can do by crafting new furniture learned from blueprints. Similarly, you can unlock new blueprints by completing tasks in the Serenitea Pot journal. You'll get a batch of blueprints when you clear an entire page, and individual journal challenges can award blueprints as well as furnishings.

Tubby also sells blueprints in exchange for Realm Currency, which is generated on an hourly basis based on your Adeptal Energy. Your hourly rate increases as you place more furnishings in your realm, so be sure to fill it out. You'll find dozens of blueprints for sale at Tubby's shop, and you'll need several thousand Realm Currency to buy them all, so it will take a few weeks to get everything.

Finally, a special Serenitea Pot merchant will visit your realm every weekend (Friday through Monday) carrying special items and blueprints. As you increase your Trust rank, the merchant's inventory will expand. You can also visit a friend's world to see what the merchant is selling in their Serenitea Pot, because everyone gets a different inventory each weekend.

BlueprintsUnboxedBoxedTypeBlueprintLocationWood R UsFancy FurnishingsUsageDesign & DecorationBlueprints, when placed are transparent structures that can be moved or deleted when interacted with and cannot be collided with. When filled with enough Wood, the blueprint becomes a solid structure. Blueprints are purchasable at Wood R Us (62 blueprints) and Fancy Furnishings (7 blueprints) for 10 times the amount of wood they require to fill. It costs a total of $4,960 Money (previously 5,520) to purchase all current blueprints.

To place blueprints, the player must own a plot of Land and a blueprint they desire to place, which can be located through the Blueprint Manager. Once selected, it can then be placed by pressing the "E" key on a desired location. 041b061a72


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