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[S3E5] Episode 5

The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 features a wealth of Star Wars Easter eggs, both in reference to the show itself and the broader universe at large. While the previous episode was largely self-contained, The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 is one of the most story-intensive chapters. It opens with Greef Karga's continued efforts to establish Nevarro as a legitimate colony, only for the Pirate King Gorian Shard to seek retribution for the death of his men earlier in the season.

[S3E5] Episode 5

This episode enjoyed a longer runtime, affording director Peter Ramsey plenty of opportunity for spectacular action scenes. It also, naturally, featured a number of Star Wars in-jokes, Easter eggs, and references from across the entire timeline. Here is every Easter egg found in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5.

The first wider Star Wars Easter egg in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 comes in the opening exchange between Carl Weathers' Greef Karga and Nonso Anozie's Gorian Shard. When referencing Greef and Mando killing Shard's pirates, Greef replies with "He shot first". Gorian Shard replies with "Well, now I will shoot first." The dialogue is an amusing reference to the classic debate over whether Han shot first after the Star Wars Special Editions.

A more subtle Easter egg comes as The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 details Nevarro's political status over the years. Gorian Shard mentions that the planet was originally introduced as a world largely run by Greef Karga's chapter of the Bounty Hunters' Guild, under the protection of Moff Gideon's Imperial Remnant. Greef tries to argue the planet is now protected by the New Republic, but he's laughed off.

The New Republic base on Adelpi, a planet presumably in the Mid or Outer Rim, was mentioned in season 2. It finally appears in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5, with Paul Sun-Hyung Lee's Carson Teva receiving an SOS from Karga. The New Republic base houses many Y-wing and X-wing fighters.

The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 features a Dave Filoni cameo in the form of Trapper Wolf. Wolf has appeared two times as Carson Teva's wingman in The Mandalorian, with the latest showing Wolf having a drink in Filoni's iconic cowboy hat at the end of the bar on Adelphi. While Filoni's face is only briefly seen, he is credited as Trapper Wolf in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5's credits.

Carson Teva returns in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5, which builds on his previous interaction with Greef Karga in season 2, episode 4. Teva believes dark forces are stirring on the Outer Rim, and that the pirates are somehow connected. He's the one who ultimately brings the Mandalorians in to help Nevarro.

The visit to Adelphi leads to the biggest Star Wars Easter egg of all in The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5; the live-action debut of Garazeb Orrelios - aka Zeb - from Star Wars Rebels. Zeb was last seen returning to his homeworld, Lira San, after Rebels' finale. It now seems he has indeed returned to the New Republic. The live-action Zeb is voiced by Steve Blum, and could well return in the upcoming Ahsoka Disney+ TV show. This is expected to follow on from Rebels' finale, with the Ghost crew reuniting to rescue missing Jedi Padawan Ezra Bridger.

In early 2022, it was announced that Tim Meadows would be joining The Mandalorian in an undisclosed role. The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 reveals he is playing Colonel Tuttle, who works in Requisitons for the New Republic. He's unfortunately being misled by Katy O'Brian's Elia Kane, last seen in episode 3.

The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 continues episode 3's plot, confirming the New Republic repeated the mistakes of the Empire. Teva pleads for aid for Nevarro, but Kane points out they are not signatories to the New Republic Charter. Tuttle insists on prioritizing member worlds - repeating the mistakes of the Empire by prioritizing worlds that willingly follow their regime. This also confirms the New Republic was never really effective as a galactic power, unable to keep the peace even before it re-militarized.

After realizing Greef is in danger, Din Djarin attempts to enlist the aid of his fellow Mandalorians in freeing Nevarro. The speeches that follow reference the battle of Nevarro in The Mandalorian season 1, episode 3. This is later mentioned by Greef Karga as well.

The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 shows how the Children of the Watch reach decisions. Anyone is allowed to speak - but to do so they must hold the Armorer's hammer in their hand. The others are allowed to discuss in the background, and make ritualized responses.

In the final scene of The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5, Carson Teva investigates the destruction of a prison transport. He learns this was used to take Moff Gideon away for trial; the New Republic officers are dead, and Gideon is nowhere to be found. This seemingly confirms he is alive and active once again.

A common Mandalorian-universe cameo actor returns for The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 in the form of Max Lloyd-Jones. In The Mandalorian season 2's finale, Lloyd-Jones served as the body double for Luke Skywalker, before CGI implemented the likeness of a younger Mark Hamill over his face. Lloyd-Jones returned again in The Book of Boba Fett, this time as New Republic pilot Lt. Reed, another wingman of Carson Teva. The Mandalorian season 3, episode 5 features a voice cameo from Lloyd-Jones as Reed, on the other end of Teva's radio.

In the left luggage office, Edward says that basic training is going well and he finally reveals the cause of the estrangement from his mom. We knew from the Season 1 Christmas episode that Mrs. Hall refused to lie to cover up his theft from her previous employer. After that, Edward was sentenced to borstal (the UK version of juvenile detention). Edward is angry that his mother left him to be attacked by bullies that stole all the good he had in him. His experience of physical and mental abuse at borstal was far from unique in this era or in the following decades. There was a Northern Irish government-led investigation in 2019 into institutional abuse at borstals, orphanages, and care homes between 1922 and 1995, and there have been other academic and public policy studies on this topic as well in England and Scotland.

The most striking thing about Logan in this episode is how withering he is with Shiv after she makes the deal with Sandy 2. The whole thing really was about to go up in smoke, and he's completely unable to specify what he would have done differently, but he insists that one way or another, he would have made it work without giving up the four board seats Shiv did. It also seems most uncertain that Shiv is actually going to get the extra seat that's being added on the Roy side, as she would when she made the deal.

Kendall doesn't wind up playing all that much of a role in this, even though he really thought he would. For one thing, he believed he could operate as the link between Stewy and his family, and it turns out that Shiv plays that role. Kendall gets Stewy back in conversation with the family, but he can't actually make the deal happen. The events of this episode mostly revolve around Logan, his besuited goons (including Karl and Frank), and Shiv, with a little bit of panic from Roman. Kendall does a lot of blustering, but he's a bit sidelined, which you can imagine makes him irate. So irate, in fact, that he takes the stage at the shareholder's meeting to put himself back in the conversation and continue his phony "I'm the Roy who really cares" approach. He's also, we should note, not the world's best caretaker for rabbits.

This episode takes place almost entirely at The House of Enlightenment. Before we get to the House of Enlightenment, Sibeth is back in Pennsa. As the episode opens, Sibeth is on the hot seat. I would admire their dedication if I didn't believe that the witch-finders were in the wrong.

What happens in this episode is the epitome of leaders and politicians. Sibeth tries a couple of tactics that leaders use. We have a sob story that is geared towards cultivating relatability, appeal to religious sentiments, a show off of accomplishments, and if all of this doesn't work, anger.

I have a fireplace with the same kind of stone on it. I have been looking for something to make it look better, basically update it. I would love to get the recipe or mixture ratio that you did for the fireplace on this episode. Thank you.

There are some other important developments in this episode of The Boys. Homelander accurately accuses Queen Maeve of colluding with Billy Butcher and she gets kidnapped by Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell), who previously seemed to have been down and out, if not deceased, thanks to Maeve exploiting his nut allergy.

This episode finds Ross donating some of his land to the village people so they can farm it and feed themselves. They set about clearing the long field and have a day of community spirit and a jolly old time.

Warning, this recap and review of Titans Season 3 Episode 5 will contain spoilers. So if you have not yet watched this episode on HBO Max and would like to remain in the dark, please come back at a later time. If you missed our Titans Season 3 Episode 4 recap, check it out.

During a montage scene, fans get to see Jason attempting to get the right mixture of chemicals in the warehouse he was renting. Eventually he finds it, and brings it to Scarecrow, who tells him to test it on the Joker. Cut to a rehashing of Joker killing Jason, which we saw in the Season 3 premiere episode, which has a whole lot more context now.

Curran Walters absolutely shines in this episode. He evolves from one version of Jason Todd to another, right before our eyes. What little interaction he has with Scarecrow, has me eager for more between the two of these bone-chilling villains. And that exchange with Bruce is one of the best scenes in the entire episode. Walters is going places. Keep an eye on him.

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 airs on Thursdays via Paramount+ for those in the United States. Additionally, on Crave and the CTV Sci-Fi channel for viewers in Canada. However, new episodes air Fridays via Amazon Prime Video in international regions like the United Kingdom. Paramount+ also streams the episodes in select locations, such as Italy, Germany and France. 041b061a72


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