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The true point of comfort is, however,your underwear. It should be of wool. Iknow that a great deal has been printedagainst it, and a great many hygienic principlesare invoked to prove that linen, cotton,or silk are better. But experience with allof them merely leads back to the startingpoint. If one were certain never to sweatfreely, and never to get wet, the theoriesmight hold. But once let linen or cotton orsilk undergarments get thoroughly moistened,the first chilly little wind is your undoing.You will shiver and shake beforethe hottest fire, and nothing short of a completechange and a rub-down will do youany good.

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Proceeding to more outer garments, awaistcoat is a handy affair. In warmweather you leave it open and hardly know[55]you have it on; in cold weather you buttonit up, and it affords excellent protection.Likewise it possesses the advantage ofnumerous pockets. These you will haveyour women folk extend and deepen foryou, until your compass, notebook, pipe,matches, and so forth fit nicely in them. Asit is to be used as an outside garment, havethe back lined. If you have shot enoughdeer to get around to waistcoats, nothingcould be better by way of material than theever-useful buckskin.

It is the purpose of this book to dealwith equipments rather than with methods.There are a great many very competenttreatises telling you how to build yourfire, pitch your tent, and all the rest ofit. I have never seen described the woodsmen'smethod of using a blanket, however.Lie flat on your back. Spread theblanket over you. Now raise your legs rigidfrom the hip, the blanket of course drapingover them. In two swift motions tuck firstone edge under your legs from right to left,then the second edge under from left toright, and over the first edge. Lower yourlegs, wrap up your shoulders, and go tosleep. If you roll over, one edge will unwindbut the other will tighten.

Mr. Ernest Britten, a Forest Ranger,has however invented a contrivance that ismuch better. The irons, instead of beingmade of strap iron, are of angle iron. Tothe inside of the L and at each end sharpenedlegs are swung on a rivet. A squaredouter corner next the angle iron prevents[108]their spreading, but a rounded inner cornerpermits their being folded flat. Whenused, the legs are opened and stuck uprightin the ground, the irons being arranged parallelat an appropriate distance from eachother. Mark these advantages: The ironscan be driven to any height from the groundaccording as fuel is plenty or scarce. Theycan be leveled absolutely, a thing difficultto accomplish with stones and strap irons.In case the ground is too hard to admit theinsertion of the legs in it, they can be foldedback, and the irons used across stones in themanner of the old strap irons. Moreover,and this is important, they weigh no more.

This chapter will not attempt to be acamp cook-book. Plenty of the latter canbe bought. It will try to explain dishes notfound in camp cook-books, but perhaps better[136]adapted to the free and easy culinaryconditions that obtain over an open fire andin the open air.

I am not going on to elaborate a numberof puddings by name; that is where the cook-booksmake their mistake. But with thislogical basis, you will soon invent all sorts ofdelicious combinations. Some will be failures,no doubt; but after you get the knackyou will be able to improvise on the leastpromising materials.

But many horses by dint of practice orplain native cussedness can hop along withhobbles nearly as fast as they could foot-free,[166]and a lot too fast for you to catch themsingle handed. Such an animal is an unmitigatedbother. Of course if there is goodstaking you can picket him out; but quitelikely he is unused to the picket rope, or thefeed is scant.

It does not hurt a horse to sweat, but ifever he begins to drip heavily, and to tremblein the legs, it is getting time to hunt theshade for a rest. I realize that such minorpoints as these may be perfectly well known[217]to every one likely to read this book, and yetI have seen so many cases of ignorance ofthem on the trail that I risk their inclusionhere.

Continuous variables were expressed as mean and standard deviation (SD), and tested for differences with independent-sample t tests. Categorical variables were expressed as absolute frequencies and percentages, and tested for differences with chi-squared test.

Editors: Paula V. Engelhardt, Alice D. Churukian, and Dyan L. JonesPublished: February 1, 2014Info: Single book; 394 pages; 8.5 X 11 inches, double column ISBN: 978-1-931024-22-8 ISSN (Print): 1539-9028 ISSN (Online): 2377-2379

Course structure - the types and frequency of learning activities - impacts how students interact with electronic textbooks. We analyze student-tracking logs generated by the LON-CAPA learning management system from nearly a decade of blended large-lecture introductory-physics courses at Michigan State University, as well as one on-campus course from MIT. Data mining provides estimates of the overall amount and temporal regularity of eText use, i.e., weekly reading versus review immediately before exams. For all courses studied, we compare student use of eTexts as it varies with course structure, e.g., from traditional (three or four exams, eText assigned as supplementary) to reformed (frequent exams, embedded assessment in the assigned eText). Traditional format courses are accompanied by little eText use, while high reading levels persist throughout reformed courses.

Quantum mechanics is challenging even for advanced undergraduate and graduate students. Dirac notation is a convenient notation used extensively in quantum mechanics. We have been investigating the difficulties that the advanced undergraduate and graduate students have with Dirac notation. We administered written free response and multiple-choice questions to students and also conducted semi-structured individual interviews with 23 students using a think-aloud protocol to obtain a better understanding of the rationale behind their responses. We find that many students struggle with Dirac notation and they are not consistent in using this notation across various questions in a given test. In particular, whether they answer questions involving Dirac notation correctly or not is context dependent.


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