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Chernobylite-Early Access [GOG] _BEST_

Chernobylite is also on sale right now on Steam for the last time in early access. From now until the 30th of April at 5 PM GMT, the game will be 20% off. The developers, The Farm 51, have previously stated that any purchase made during Early Access will guarantee all future, post-launch DLCs for free.

Chernobylite-Early Access [GOG]

Games in Development are early access titles on GOG, i.e. releasable games that are not finished yet. Though they are quite similar to a fully developed game on GOG, there are a few key distinctions that set them apart.

Polish studio The Farm 51 thanked the players for their involvement in early access to Chernobylite and announced next year's updates. The game will feature a lot of new weapons, locations and missions, as well as several features that fans are most eagerly awaiting.

Over a week ago, Chernobylite, a Polish survival horror game from The Farm 51, launched in early access on Steam and The devs thanked the players for their commitment and sent opinions on the game, which resulted in several patches enriching the game with new elements, improving optimization or adding new languages (including English dialogues). It has also been announced that the next few months will bring even more new content.

The Farm 51 started a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to help fund further development. The funds were said to be needed to complete the 3D scanning process. On 11 May 2019 the Kickstarter campaign ended having exceeded the $100,000 funding goal and raising $206,671 in total from 3,350 backers. The game entered Steam and early access programs on 19 October 2019 and achieved full release on 28 July 2021 for Microsoft Windows.[5]

The story picks up after the end of the expanded storyline patch content from the vanilla version of A Realm Reborn. Unexpectedly, it forces new or returning players to get through the old storyline (a substantial chunk of content!) in order to access the new stuff.


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